The Golfer’s Passbook to The Best Deals in Golf

144 Courses in SW Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana
PLUS 84 Courses at Destination Areas

A GOLFER'S DREAM... Enjoy THE Best Deals in Golf Now, Next Week or Months in Advance

Tee Time Golf Pass is one of golf's largest and most respected discount passbooks since 1992.
It contains HUGE DISCOUNTS at your favorite local courses plus
hundreds of others in the region and at destination areas.

It covers: Southwest Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Destinations (Central/Northern Ohio, Michigan, Pinehurst, Myrtle Beach/Hilton Head, Williamsburg/VA Beach, Ocean City MD)

-  90 FREE Green Fees at 65 Courses  -
-  Weekend Deals at 90% of the courses  -
-  170 Senior Bonus Plays  -

PLAY MORE, PAY LESS... It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Buy a book 2. Bring it to the course 3. SAVE a ton of MONEY!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Our Customers Say

Why Tee Time Golf Pass and not an online Discounter?

The promotional offers in Tee Time Golf Pass are available to passholders only (not the general public and are valid year-round. That means you can enjoy the best deals in golf… now, next week, or months in advance. Also, on-line sites typically post only a select few discounted rounds at specific times (along with many more “offers” that are not discounted at all). With Tee Time, you play when and where you want and always at a great price.

Are the deals in Tee Time Golf Pass really that good?

Yes. Tee Time Golf Pass reps negotiate directly with course head pros and GMs to get the very best deals. Our 22-year reputation has been built on helping golfers “Play More, Pay Less.” Sure, a slightly better rate might occasionally pop up on-line. But it is typically limited to just one or two available slots at a very specific time. With Tee Time Golf Pass, you have the luxury of knowing you will save real money every time you play.

Is Tee Time Golf Pass easy to use?

Yes. Simply call and make a normal tee time and then bring your passbook to the course. The course will check off one of the boxes next to their offer(s) and charge you the listed rate. With Tee Time Golf Pass, you always know exactly what you are going to pay.

Are prime months blocked out? How about weekends?

No. Unlike other discount programs, courses offer Tee Time members great deals year-round. And the majority of the courses include weekend discounts. So playing 7 days a week has never been easier.

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Watch video testimonials: See what our satisfied members have to say.

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